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Welcome to Wholesale Natural Fabrics - We ship worldwide from PA!

See everything we offer at Nature's Fabrics!

Are you a garment manufacturer? Are you a WAHM starting out on a new venture?  We want to help you! Through our Wholesale Natural Fabrics site we can help you to get the pricing you need, in the quantities you are looking for. We can offer ALL our lines to you in bulk quantities. If you don't see what you need, contact us and we can get started to meet your needs. You will find that we have very great prices with no waiting. Our minimums are very appealing as well. We want to be your wholesale fabric supplier.

These fabrics are made with the finest materials available and are minimally processed. Many of our fabrics are Okeo Tex Standard 100 certified. They have also been tested for lead and flammability to meet current standards per CPSIA regulations.

Please keep in mind that many fabrics are un-dyed goods, they are unbleached and considered unfinished. Rolled goods may also contain holes, dirt, stains, seams or other unusable areas in the fabric. No refunds will be given for flawed areas. Full rolls are measured in mill settings on equipment where the fabric is stretched taut. Loose fabric measurements may vary from the mill stated roll measurements. We recommend you allow a 10%-15%  waste and calculate your yardage needs appropriately. For a 50 yard roll expect a 5 yard working loss, a working loss may mean yards not accounted for. If you are a co-op (which we don't ecnourage) please make sure to charge enough to cover this loss, and do not over sell the yardage We do not work with co-ops or group buys, we do not back them or endorse them. Our certificates of compliance are not transferable.We will not sell to leaders in group buys or co-ops.

Most all of our rolls are now shipping from the eastern USA.

If you have any questions about "by the roll" purchases please contact us. Thank You!